About Me


. . For my computer background, I started this interest near the same age I started the piano. I was given a Nintendo Ds Light for my birthday, which was shortly after the time I started the piano. What got me into theis interest was how it worked. Most of the time, I would be playing, but keep a subconcious thought on how it worked. Onetime, I thought there was premade film in that device that used a magnifine glass to amplify the image to see as is. In addition to my curiousity, my father was a technical engineer in the RF[Radio Frequency] field. He was one of the elite designers that designs certain parts that are crucial for the army, and companies. He would always bring his schematics home and leave them out. Everytime I ate yogurt, I would always sit aside it, and look at it; I would always try to make something out of the symbols and such. I would still do it, but I know have a better perception of things because of my steam class that I took, which would open up the interest for electricty. I learned about the flow of electricity, and certain components crucial to hardware. Overall, my interest in computers and technology is high.

. . During my time in Steam, they taught me how to make 3d models using factory graded software. It was really interesting at the time. It taught me how many things were made in the technical industry. Mostly custom metal objects or tools were first rough draft through 3d modeling, and then 3d printed. Afterwards, they were made with the real materials. I thought that was interesting. In addition, in Globalization, I also learned that there are specific companies that manufacture certain parts for phones. The camera of a smartphone can be made in China, while the fingerprint censor can be made in India. The whole product can be assembled completely somewhere else. I thought that was interesting.

The 3D Modeling Software My Steam Class Used