About Me


. . For my musical background, I mainly play the piano and guitar. I started learning the piano when I was only five-years-old. Music was definitly one of my first interest because my father always played the piano when he was around. I always looked up to and and will forever, which is why I like to play the piano and guitar. Without my musical background, I probably would've not recieved my better understanding in calculations and number crunching. Music has taught me how number intensive music is. One of the main things to music is that timing is key.

. . Going in more depth, I was enrolled into a piano progam the same year I grew interest into it. It was very similar to school except it is once a week. Unfortunately, it also requires you to practice for two-hours by yourself inorder to drill the skill and hand coordination into you. Overall, Piano is a very excessive musical instrument to learn. For my guitar, I only took two classes in Saddleback that let me learn the fundementals of guitar. These classses were only for people that already knew how to read musical sheets, which was good for me because there was not a single moment when I had to sit down and listen to the teacher teach what I already knew. Once the course was over, I was off on my own. I'm more proud of learning the guitar because it felt more independent. Overall, the guitar is something that I am more proud of.

Guitar Center (The place I go to buy musical equipment)